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two wishes ... can you help me?!

I have two wishes ... and maybe you can help me?!

WISH Nº1 I would like to reach with my current work a bigger network so that it can flourish. For this I wish to collaborate with a professional marketeer, ideally somebody who also has experience in branding, who can take over promoting my services, to reach new people and to present my work professionally.

WISH Nº2 I would like to realize a bigger project and I wish to have support in making the concreet plan for it. So I am looking for a professional in the field of project management, ideally with interest or experience in creative & cultural sector, (budgeting, organization, subsidies, grant writing, concept etc.). What I would like to give back in exchange during the first phase of collaboration: individual guidance and training in Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis (to understand and take care of your body, to gain physically more vitality and mentally more calmness, to develop a healthy posture, support in rehabilitation of injuries or pain issues), and you would also have the possibility to join group classes in dance improvisation (Rdam) & in Argentine Tango classes (Adam):

Please share my post. If you yourself are interested please contact me privately. And if you know somebody from your network who could be interested I would appreciate a lot if you can share my wish with the specific person you have in mind.

... maybe these two wishes become soon reality and two beautiful collaborations can develop to make things possible! #wish #networking #marketingstrategy #projectplanning #exchange #givingandreceiving

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