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functional training

individual, duo, trio sessions at Movement Re-Training Center

using the GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® methods


Improve the quality of your private and professional life! Feel at home in your body and enjoy your daily activities with more confidence and ease.

You will un-learn movement patterns that block the body and cause compression of the joints. You will develop a healthy posture which supports your daily activities. You will gain strength in combination with flexibility. You will develop a deep body-awareness to understand, take care and respect your own needs!


Become resilient for your performance, prevent injuries and increase your physical capacity!

You will fine-tune your body as your unique instrument. You will train and understand the inner connections of your body more in depth, the base to further develop your technique. You will develop more precision in your movement execution which will allow you to work + perform sustainable. You will develop more stamina, strength and flexibility to use your full range of movement and to feel confident in your work.

"I’ve attended Alina’s classes for the last year and they are among some of the best I’ve taken over my many years of dance training. Her classes are precise, intense, professional, and have a deep physical effect on the body. At the same time, she always manages to keep every session playful and light. Working with her has definitely helped me perform better as a dancer, athlete, and simply in daily life."

 - Stanislaus Kernjak . eye doctor & long-time dance enthusiast  -


develop your full potential

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