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dance classes

individual + group classes at Movement Re-Training Center

using the Lex Padilla Dance Concept®


Begin or continue your training in dance - as both a form of expression and physical training!

Experience the joy of movement, deepen your body-awareness, train your coordination and connect with the music and the people in space. Dance can become the way to approach your every-day life: being in movement versus taking breaks, creating a supporting rhythm, taking decisions for directions, respecting your individual needs while being able to follow the group.


Start to dance through your life!


Develop your ability to stand out as a unique performer!
After analysing your habbits you will be guided to discover and develop your unique dance language. You will learn to adapt quickly to different choreography styles and movement-tasks, You will deepen the relationship with your body as your instrument to express within choreography and improvisation.

Be prepared and start to own your growth!

"Alina is a fantastic teacher who always knows exactly how to help each student in her classes develop. She takes the time to observe your movement technique and applies her extensive knowledge of the body to help you visibly improve. The classes I took combined challenging technical training, deepening the relationship with your body in space, and being together in a group. I loved being able to experience growth from class to class, not only in technical skill, but also in body-awareness and an ability to adapt to different dance-styles."

- Isabeau Moureau, dance teacher & Codarts graduate -

develop your full potential

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